The Benefits of Trying New Activities

The other night I did something totally out of my skill set. What is my usual skill set? I’m a scientist – I’ve been trained, through learning and experience, to think technically and logically. I don’t think of myself as artistic – at all. Which leads me to my original statement – I did somethingContinue reading “The Benefits of Trying New Activities”

We Need to Put the Care Back in Healthcare

When you go to your physician’s office, or the laboratory for blood work or radiology for x-ray’s, do you feel like you’re an imposition? Like you’re an inconvenience to the clinician or healthcare staff? As if your being there is interrupting the personal conversation they are holding with others in their workplace? You are notContinue reading “We Need to Put the Care Back in Healthcare”

10 Ways to Be Your Own Patient Advocate

  What is a patient advocate?  A simple definition of a patient advocate is this:  one who helps the patient by asking the right questions and in turn, getting the appropriate care at the right time.  A patient advocate can be someone who is paid or unpaid, but usually has some type of medical background andContinue reading “10 Ways to Be Your Own Patient Advocate”

Is the Sleep You’re Getting Good Enough?

Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation Not getting enough sleep can cause a myriad of symptoms.  You’re probably familiar with most, if not all of them, with sleepiness being the most obvious.  Irritability is another common symptom of not getting your zzz’s, however, lack of sleep could also be linked to more serious disorders like anxiety andContinue reading “Is the Sleep You’re Getting Good Enough?”