Cannabidiol – What is it and what are its health benefits?

You may or may not have heard of cannabidiol.  I would wager that you have, however, heard of marijuana.  Marijuana is the common name for the drug, sold both for medicinal and recreational purposes, that is derived from the cannabis plant.   How are CBD and marijuana related?  They both are derived from the cannabis plant,Continue reading “Cannabidiol – What is it and what are its health benefits?”

Is the Sleep You’re Getting Good Enough?

Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation Not getting enough sleep can cause a myriad of symptoms.  You’re probably familiar with most, if not all of them, with sleepiness being the most obvious.  Irritability is another common symptom of not getting your zzz’s, however, lack of sleep could also be linked to more serious disorders like anxiety andContinue reading “Is the Sleep You’re Getting Good Enough?”