The Benefits of Trying New Activities

The other night I did something totally out of my skill set. What is my usual skill set? I’m a scientist – I’ve been trained, through learning and experience, to think technically and logically. I don’t think of myself as artistic – at all. Which leads me to my original statement – I did somethingContinue reading “The Benefits of Trying New Activities”

Why I Love Taking My Dog for a Walk

Is there anything better than getting outside, breathing in the fresh air, and moving your body? Yes!  Doing all this with your furry friend – your dog – by your side. Benefits of Getting Outside and Walking First of all, I love the out-of-doors.  After spending a day at work – inside, most of myContinue reading “Why I Love Taking My Dog for a Walk”

Thearpy Dogs – What are they and what health benefits can they offer?

Perhaps you’ve witnessed this scene – you’re walking down the hall of a hospital or nursing home to visit a loved one, and you pass someone walking a dog into a patient’s room. Wait – whaaat? Are dogs now allowed in healthcare facilities?   You thought only service dogs were permitted inside – and that didn’tContinue reading “Thearpy Dogs – What are they and what health benefits can they offer?”

Cannabidiol – What is it and what are its health benefits?

You may or may not have heard of cannabidiol.  I would wager that you have, however, heard of marijuana.  Marijuana is the common name for the drug, sold both for medicinal and recreational purposes, that is derived from the cannabis plant.   How are CBD and marijuana related?  They both are derived from the cannabis plant,Continue reading “Cannabidiol – What is it and what are its health benefits?”

We Need to Put the Care Back in Healthcare

When you go to your physician’s office, or the laboratory for blood work or radiology for x-ray’s, do you feel like you’re an imposition? Like you’re an inconvenience to the clinician or healthcare staff? As if your being there is interrupting the personal conversation they are holding with others in their workplace? You are notContinue reading “We Need to Put the Care Back in Healthcare”

Why It’s Important to Foster Supportive Relationships

Most everyone can recognize the signs of destructive relationships, but do we truly understand the benefits of surrounding ourselves with healthy, supportive relationships? Having a foundation of family and friends that back you and lift you up can help you live a longer, happier life. Some other advantages to cultivating healthy connections are: Having someoneContinue reading “Why It’s Important to Foster Supportive Relationships”