Services Provided

You’ve worked hard on your novel. Invested your time. Made it the best it can be.

You’ve already gone through several rounds of editing – content and line edits, where you’ve dug deep and looked at structure, character development, and scene pacing.

By this point, you’ve read your manuscript so many times, it’s likely you’re missing small errors. Like punctuation, extra spaces, or missing words.

That’s where I come in.

My name is Chris, and I’m a professional proofreader who offers an amazing customer service experience for my clients. I catch distracting punctuation and grammatical errors and I provide final, light copy edits.

I’m passionate about helping writers spot mistakes. I am detail oriented and have an eagle eye in spotting errors. I also believe that communication is key to a great working relationship.

I love to read – especially books in the romance genre. I’ve read hundreds of books. I have a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in health services administration. I’m an educator in my day job role, so I’m experienced with providing patient, kind and actionable advice.

I currently work on Sara Celi’s team as her proofreader. I proofread her latest novel “Reid’s Redemption”.

I’m an experienced writer, too. I wrote regularly for NY Times bestselling author Chris Guillebeau. I wrote stories that Chris read on his podcast “Side Hustle School”. You can check out one of the scripts I wrote for Chris here. I’ve also done some freelance writing in the health and wellness niche.

I give 110% to all my projects. And I crush deadlines.

My rate is $0.005/word, with a $50 minimum per project. I do all invoicing via Paypal. I also offer all new clients a sample proofread/copy edit on the first 1000 words, so you can get a feel for my work and whether we’re a good fit.

Typically I use MS Word Track Changes function and Comments to edit within the document. I also have experience with using Google Docs, if that’s your preference. Ultimately you accept or reject my suggestions as you see fit; you are the author and the final say is, of course, yours.

I’d love to chat about your next project and how I can help you achieve success – contact me today.