The Importance of Copy Editing and Proofreading

Do you know the importance of hiring a professional copy editor? Even the best writers make mistakes. A fresh and objective set of eyes on your manuscript is always a good idea. Of course you should proofread your own work first! But we are often too close to the things we write. We read ourContinue reading “The Importance of Copy Editing and Proofreading”

I was featured in “First for Women”!

I was recently selected to be featured in the popular women’s magazine, “First for Women”. The article briefly outlines my work as a freelance proofreader and copy editor for romance writers. I am thrilled to be a part of this feature because, for me, my work as a romance proofreader is not just a wayContinue reading “I was featured in “First for Women”!”

Why I Love Proofreading Books in the Romance Genre

I’ve been reading romance novels since I was in my teens – for about (ahem) 34 years! Although I’ve never sat down to count how many books I’ve read over the years, I know it’s in the hundreds. Why the romance genre? First of all, I love reading romance because it relaxes me. Even whenContinue reading “Why I Love Proofreading Books in the Romance Genre”

The Benefits of Trying New Activities

The other night I did something totally out of my skill set. What is my usual skill set? I’m a scientist – I’ve been trained, through learning and experience, to think technically and logically. I don’t think of myself as artistic – at all. Which leads me to my original statement – I did somethingContinue reading “The Benefits of Trying New Activities”

Why I Love Taking My Dog for a Walk

Is there anything better than getting outside, breathing in the fresh air, and moving your body? Yes!  Doing all this with your furry friend – your dog – by your side. Benefits of Getting Outside and Walking First of all, I love the out-of-doors.  After spending a day at work – inside, most of myContinue reading “Why I Love Taking My Dog for a Walk”