The Importance of Copy Editing and Proofreading

Do you know the importance of hiring a professional copy editor?

Even the best writers make mistakes.

A fresh and objective set of eyes on your manuscript is always a good idea. Of course you should proofread your own work first! But we are often too close to the things we write. We read our own work knowing what we want to convey, but we might not be tuned in to what we’re actually saying.

Proofreading and copy editing is more than just correcting errors, it’s also finding the best way to say something. You want to reach your readers on an emotional level, not have them distracted by your punctuation errors or repetitive word selection.

An experienced copy editor can help clarify your message so your readers aren’t stumbling through your errors, or worse, not even finishing your book, never to buy from you again.

While it is essential to have a third party look over your work, are they truly the best person for the job?

Are they skilled with punctuation, grammar, and spelling? Will they help you select a better word or phrase? Or let you know if you are not appealing to your genre fan base in an emotional way?

I’d love to hear your opinion!

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